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Planning around my children

Every mother’s great fear is usually her children’s welfare when she has to leave to go and work. My hardest time was leaving young Raine, three months after she was born.

I went to an office that was not conducive to breastfeeding and I had to work my usual 8.30am to 4.40pm. I got heartbroken when weeks after struggling to get the perfect milk pumping spot, I ended up picking out powdered milk of the supermarket shelf.

My sadness could not be described and I got to a point where I hated sitting at my desk being the ever-smiling administrator always at your service.

Setting priorities

I have the same concerns this time around. I have no idea how I will handle the situation. But I am positive it will not be the same as it was four years ago. I will be around for my children because they are the reason I go out to work anyway.

It gets to that point in life when you have to make certain decisions. You are pushed to set your priorities straight, and for me, my children and family come first.

Work, friends and everyone else have to revolve around them because these little humans make me so guilty when I fail them!

Odd jobs perhaps?

So, I’m devising a plan that could enable me to work flexibly and get to be superwoman. Yes, we sometimes have to think that way… because life still demands that we help bring the bacon home… don’t get me started on personal growth. I need to make this decision before my maternity leave and work to make it possible.

So, I’m looking at getting contracts I can do while at home. Ha! Trust me I have a few in already. If you happen to see me selling some stuff that I wouldn’t use myself, uhm pardon me… that’s the bacon coming in.

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