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Raising successful family is just like watering grass

Justus Njoroge

Last weekend, I visited a close friend who lives along the Eastern bypass. The area is generally dry and a little dusty most of the times. So, when I entered his compound, he had a well-kept lawn. It was a beauty to behold.

I had always argued that Kikuyu grass is not a good choice of grass for a home lawn. So, I asked my friend how he maintains the lawn in such a perfect condition. What was his secret? How come his Kikuyu grass lawn was so beautiful?

“I mow the grass every two to three days, and water the grass regularly if it doesn’t rain in three days,” he responded. He was quite calm – like a doctor giving you a prescription almost effortless. Fact is I’m lazy.

I am not willing to spend time to water and tend my lawn, yet when I see what my friend has done, I was thrilled and envious. If he was living in Limuru, I would have told him he was lucky that the weather was favourable to him, but hey this is not the case. Here was a gentleman mowing his lawn twice a week. I don’t even shave twice a week!

I wanted a beautiful lawn, but I was not ready to invest my time and resources on it. I am just plain lazy. So, stop wondering how come your children don’t have any talent.

The problem may not be the children. Maybe you are not there to help them dream big. Maybe you are not ready to make that big sacrifice for them and be with them on Saturdays.

Maybe you are too busy to note, that your girl has a talent in music and would love to do ballet dancing. Wake up buddy and water your lawn.

Mow it every two to three days, it will be so beautiful everyone would say you are blessed to have just the right lawn – it fell from heaven like manna. If only they knew.

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