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Interview with Susan Mueni, popularly known as Sue Watches

Susan Mueni, popularly known as Sue Watches, is a watch enthusiast and designer. The 23-year-old is the brains behind SueD Diary,  a blog about timepieces. Grace Wachira talks to her about her timeless brand

Growing up, did you have an inclination for watches?

My grandmother always gifted me with watches whenever she traveled. We could say that’s where it all began.

Do you design your watches? If not, how do you go about getting your pieces?

Previously, I used to retail other brands, but this year, I intend to launch my own. The brand name is SueD. The product line will be majorly Afrocentric designs.

Who are your biggest clientele?

It’s diverse. Watches are complementary products. You can always find a watch within your budget. The consistent though are the young and sassy, corporate and the classic man.

Do your watches dictate your dressing?

Watches should match your style.Your style dictates what piece to acquire. A watch is meant to complement your outfit.

What though processes go into your dressing?

I am a minimalist. I always think of what pieces I can pair without looking like I am trying too hard. When dressing, I start with the shoes, the watch and the rest of the outfit falls into place.

Any advice on pairing?

My advice would go back to my statement on style dictating what pieces to acquire. You cannot be in a suit then rock a sports watch.

Kenyans and accessorising?

We either overdo it or forgo all together.

Most expensive timepiece you own?

A piece by Ann Klein.

Best place to shop on a budget?

Online stores, take Jumia or Sue Watches.

Favourite timepiece and why?

I love me a Rolex! This is one brand that has proven to be a gold mine over time. It’s my definition of luxury. When I grow up I want to be a Rolex. LOL.

What was it about your first timepiece that made you go like hmm…?

It was a gift from grandma. At a tender age, I couldn’t help but flaunt it to my peers. I still have it to date.

Your ideal man, what timepieces must he own?

At least three of the basic brands. However, a Rolex or a Patek Phillipe will have me go gaga.

Let’s talk blogging.

My blog and YouTube channel go by the name The SueD Diary on sued.co.ke I enjoy sharing my entrepreneurship, personal and spiritual journey.

What does a watch say about you?

It says you value style and time! If you’re brave enough to invest in a good piece, then you are keen to detail and invest in whatever you are tasked.

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