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Beware, your body could be hosting whacky bugs!

Guy who housed spider inside tummy

After undergoing surgery to remove an appendix, an Australian man inadvertently invited more trouble because the scar from the surgery became a door for an uninvited guest into his body.

While in Bali for a vacation, Dylan Maxwell got bitten by a bug. While this did not seem like a big deal at first, Maxwell visited a medical centre after a red line slowly grew from his belly button, going all the way up his torso.

After running tests, medics realised that he had a spider inside him which had burrowed through the surgery scar. Maxwell was flown to Australia with the ‘extra passenger’ where it was extracted.

Russian fellow who had fir tree growing in lungs

Artyom Sidorkin, from Russia, began experiencing chest pains and coughing up blood in 2009. Afraid that this could be symptoms of a deadly disease, he visited his doctor to get things checked out, and was given an X-ray. Initially, medics thought he had cancer but after running a series of tests, they discovered that what they thought was a tumour, was in fact the first sprouting of a fir tree! It was only five centimetres tall, but was touching some of his capillaries, which explained the extreme pain that he had been feeling. The plant was removed, and he made a full recovery.

Rare tapeworm that swam in man’s brain for four years

Headaches can be caused by any number of benign things. But as you have probably already guessed, there was a much more sinister cause for the 50-year-old Chinese man in this case. The unnamed man checked himself into a hospital in the UK after experiencing incessant headaches.

When the usual tests turned up nothing, he was scanned. Although doctors did notice an abnormality, they could not find anything until a full four years later, at which point they informed the man that he had a tapeworm swimming around his brain the whole time!

The tapeworm, eventually identified as Spirometra erinaceieuropaei, is a rare type of parasite from Asia that is seldom found in humans.

As it moved through the man’s brain, it triggered different elements of his mind, leading to symptoms that included not only the headaches, but also seizures, strange smells and random flashbacks!

Taiwanese man with guava plant growing in tooth

The lesson of keeping one’s teeth clean has been preached for a long time but nobody supposedly now takes this call to heart like a Taiwanese man who learned a painful lesson on dental healthcare the hard way.

After experiencing a severe toothache, the unnamed man went to see a dentist. The tooth in question was a decayed molar, with the opposite number below it missing as well. Apparently, this double-whammy of poor dental care gave enough room for the guava seed stuck in his tooth to germinate and sprout, leading to intense pain!

Doctors remove 57 maggots inside pensioner’s ear

Catherine McCann, aged 92, was a resident at the a institution for the aged in Illinois, US, when her ear became infested with maggots in 2012.

When taken to hospital, doctors removed all 57 maggots. Experts who examined the larvae determined that they’d been in McCann’s ear for as many as three days.

When larva found home in teenager’s eye

There are a lot of different potential causes to a swollen eye from allergies to infections. When a 17-year-old Peruvian boy noticed his eye had been swelling for a few weeks, he went to the doctor to find out why.

The cause of the boy’s swelling turned out to be a three centimetre botfly larva that was growing inside his eye! Doctors were able to remove the larva by using basil leaves to tempt it to poke its head out, before seizing it with a pair of tweezers.

Shock as centipede pitches camp in boy’s ear canal

Grant Botti, age 14, of Arkansas, removed a 10-centimetre centipede from his ear in 2015. Pain had alerted him to the creature’s presence. After being treated at a local hospital for “abrasions inside his ear” caused by the invader, Botti was released. The doctors said they’d never seen a case like his before.

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