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Types of guys you meet on social media

Remember the old days, when the only time you knew what he was up to was when he drunk dialed or texted you. Nowadays, all his posts on social media are telling. They are windows into a man’s thoughts. And from what he shares, you can get to know his personality.

The comedian

This guy will retweet tweets of every commedian from Eric Omondi to Kevin Hart and Trevor Noah. He posts memes all the time. And the memes will make you laugh out loud, your ribs will ache.

He often generates memes and vines from any trending issues. The guy makes our social media life worth it. Talk of comedian Njuguna aka Njugush who will create something funny out of anything that’s trending.

The humble bragger

This guy will flood your timeline with pictures of luxe living-drinking bubbly on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, flying in a private jet. One of his common act is shielding himself from the braggart backlash with convenient hash tags such as #blessed.

His typical update would be “Almost broke my hip, while cliff diving. Thanks to the staff at our private villa, I’m still alive! #Grateful. In this context, reality star and businessman, Scott Disick, is fond of bragging on twitter.

Check one of his posts, “Just leaving Miami for NYC. Sorry I’m in pajamas but I just got off the PJ (Private Jet).” They are common on social media.

They want you know that they don’t live average lives. They’ll take photos at the Kempinski lobby, at the airport or at the fancy resort. They want you to see that they’ve made it.

The Drama king

Celebrity Justin Bieber is one celebrity we love to hate. Throughout his stardom, he has been involved in quite a number of scandals and relationship issues.

One of his posts was, ‘a lot of things get said about me…and it hurts.” Does this ring a bell, Willy Paul, Bahati? The drama king thinks he’s stealthy, but when he updates his status with Coldplay lyrics, Nobody said it was easy, you of course know what he means.

A day after he breaks up with his girlfriend, all his thousand followers on Instagram will know what’s up. This man is sensitive, and he may even put videos of what he’s doing just to show his ex he’s doing well without her.

The hunter

He will almost go nude to show you what his mama gave him. One minute he will post his shirtless photos and another when he’s in his briefs. He will post the latest study on matters of sex.

For this guy, there is no physical detail or fetish too personal to lay on the line on social media. And he will flatter every Jane, Mary and Mercy in his comment section.

The bawler

These are the Kanye Wests of social media. This man is known for swag and bawling lifestyle, fight picking and caps-locking. His common tweets would be ‘Hey peeps, I really don’t care.

Just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean that you can’t score. HATERZ#comeAtMe. This guy will do anything to get noticed and he has too much ego to show for it.

The selfie-addict

With this guy, our timeline will never rest. He posts photos of whatever he’s doing. Be it walking, with a celebrity, feeding his dog. Any activity he does have to be documented.

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