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Being unfaithful is never accidental

I have often wondered, could there be such a thing as emotional infidelity? Over the years, I have had friends who have been in relationship dilemmas. They are more often torn between their own thriving relationships and a forbidden love with people like their best friend’s girlfriends or boyfriends. Is it that falling in love is an accident or is it just that our emotional intelligence quotient has gone down over the years?

When it comes to such dilemmas, the most common excuse is that Selena Gomez song of the heart wanting what it wants. Worse still, some even cross sexual boundaries and pretend to be surprised when a tinge of guilt begins to haunt them.

When it comes to relationships, the boundaries of what to share and with whom depends on the couple. The problem is some people have hard time establishing information that is personal and vulnerable from just tales of themselves. Well, let me unmask some of you.

There is no such thing as falling in love by accident. The moment you and your forbidden love decided to have a ‘heart to heart’ until late, that was the day you designed your fate.

If you ask me, falling in love is a result of expended time, conversations and emotions with someone of the opposite sex. If you constantly find yourself sharing flirtatious memes and puns that make you smirk with a person you are not dating, then maybe you are emotionally unfaithful.

Maybe people in relationships are only there for convenience, yet there emotions are everywhere else, but in the relationship. This brings me to the conclusion that there is in fact such a thing as emotional infidelity.

The chemistry between a man and a woman is never accidental. Before long, your significant other is going to dump you for talking to a ‘friend’ and I will get the notification on my Instagram timeline with the caption ‘#boybye’ or ‘These girls ain’t loyal’.

So, the next time you hear a self-deceived individual complaining how their significant other dumped them, remind them that people fall in love by design not by default. Be wise mates.

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