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Why this car? I have always been drawn to classic and timeless type of cars, especially BMWs. It probably started in 2006 when my family owned one. It was a 318i and it was such a nice car to drive.

It was powerful enough and stable in the corners, and I guess that’s when I really took notice of the E36. I knew I had to get one for myself, but I wanted the 320i, which has a straight-six 2.0 litre engine.

What do you love most about it? I feel it’s an expansion of my personality. Everything about it from how it looks and drives. The red striking colour and the black wheels are exactly who I am.

I feel like it understands me and vice versa. That’s what I would say is the most important thing. What about the downsides? If you’ve owned a BMW, then you know it’s a give and take situation.

It gives you so much pleasure just to drive or even look at the car, but then, it takes when it comes to maintenance.

Spares are expensive and since it’s an old car, it comes with some nagging electrical problems. But I’ve reconciled myself with the fact that, that’s how it is. When you love it, you just have to go all in.

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