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Ruth Mbugua, lead make-up artist, Boldface Artistry


What inspires you as a bridal make-up artist?

Making a bride’s day by contributing to her looking and feeling good. There’s something about how make-up can boost your confidence, be it a bride or not.

When a bride walks down the aisle and all eyes are on her for say three minutes, and everyone is staring from top to bottom at how stunning she looks, she can’t help but feel good and confident.

What should brides look for when choosing a make-up artist?

The last thing a bride wants is being stressed on her big day by any service provider. You want someone who is professional and has experience in the industry, someone who keeps time, even during your meetings before the big day, because that can show you if they’ll keep time on the most important day, someone who uses top-notch make-up brands and someone who has good customer service, who will make you feel calm on your big day.

What are the mistakes brides make when choosing a make-up artist?

Some don’t go for make-up trial and end up wasting time on the big day. Others don’t ask for proof of a make-up artist’s work.

Some go for cheaper options and you know cheap can be expensive. The cheap products might cause breakouts, and cheap service might cause stress.

What has been your craziest moment as a bridal make-up artist?

It has to be this one time when a blackout hit, and the only room where I could do make-up in was dark. The only source of light was a small torch, and everyone knows how important light is when doing make-up.

How I struggled to work that morning is unexplainable, yet, time was not on our side. When the bride stepped out in natural light, my stomach was in knots.

The look is not what I expected, but the good thing is, we had a few minutes before she had to go into the church, so we fixed it.

Advice to brides-to-be?

If you want to achieve a flawless look, take care of your skin. What you eat is what your skin will be. Work out as often as you can and keep stress at bay.

Your lifestyle plays a huge role in having healthy skin, and how your skin will look as you continue to age. Also, start looking for a make-up artist at least six months in advance.

Lastly, the grooming doesn’t end after the wedding. Continue taking care of your skin and learn how to do basic make-up. You will have set the standards on your wedding day, don’t go below that.

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