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Ombre lips tips

The ombre lips trend has been in for some time now, and it seems it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This is where gradation of lip colour is employed, by use of darker and lighter shades of the same colour.

The light shade could be on the inside parts of the lips and go darkening towards the outer parts of the lips, or the other way round. This also helps give the illusion of fuller lips.

Other than the night scene, ombre can work even in formal settings, particularly with toned down shades of colours. Here is how to achieve the look with the lighter part on the inside of the lips.

First, apply your choice of lip colour, then, apply a darker shade of the colour as the lip liner. The liner could be in lipstick form or pencil. Gently press your lips together to blend the colours.

Do not rub your lips up and down or left to right as this will smudge the colours all over each other. If you need to smooth out the edges of the colours, use a lip brush to blend and achieve a flawlessly faded look where the two colours meet.

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