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Bananas and liqueurs

Njeri Maina

There is so much magic that goes on behind bar counters that we rarely stop to experience or think about. For most of us, we just order for ‘sweet cocktails’ or a beer and then hastily shoot down shots and call it an ‘experience’.

Diageo Reserve seeks to change this by holding annual competitions that see the country’s top bartenders and mixologists feted as they compete for the top honours of representing the country on the worldwide platform.

We had the pleasure of getting behind the counter with a cocktail maestro, Renn Malesi, who was among the seven finalists in the Diageo Worldclass competition.

MC Malesi, as most people fondly call him, has been a mixologist for the past two and a half years at Brew Bistro, Ngong Road.

He prides himself in being a fast learner and quite the adept trick master when it comes to mixing drinks. He was going to prepare for us Goose Rula cocktail, one half of the bistrology menu serving that is always paired with a delish meringue confection.

After crushing bananas, he added a shot of Amarula, another of Grey Goose, Galliano herbal liqueur, vanilla, ice and homemade berry syrup, and then put it all in a shaker to mix it up.

Preparing liqueur.
Preparing liqueur.

“I remember the first cocktail I made. It was a cosmopolitan, which I followed to the table to see how the clients were going to react,” Malesi enunciates as he adroitly shakes the shaker and its contents.

He then pours the drink from the shaker into a shiny metallic glass before garnishing it with dried bananas. The drink is a dream of creamy tropical boozy goodness.

It is a drink that has its own flair even though prepared by the mixologist who came in third in the competition. We got you the recipe, so you can try making it at home.

•    1 ripe Banana
•    Amarula
•    Galliano
•    Grey Goose
•    Ice cubes
•    Vanilla
•    Berry syrup
•    Dried bananas

•     Crush the banana pieces in a glass. Add Amarula, Galliano, Grey • Goose, vanilla, ice cubes and the berry syrup.
•     Pour the mixture into the shaker then shake until all contents are properly mixed together.
•     Pour the drink into your serving glass then garnish with the dried bananas.
•     Partake, and hopefully call me, or your friend, to share the delish tipple with you.

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