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Fedelis Kyalo, puppeteer at weddings


Tell us about Krystal Puppet Theatre

It is an entertainment company I founded in collaboration with Kenya Institute of Puppet Theatre. I work with different companies, some on contract basis.

I also work with Project Hand Up as a contracted puppeteer, and as the head puppeteer at XYZ TV show for over 10 years. All these opportunities have given me an understanding in puppets and dealing with children.

How effective are puppet shows in handling children during weddings and events?

Puppetry is much more than sticking one’s hand into a puppet and moving its mouth. Puppets have unique capacity to be non-threatening, informative and entertaining.

We have been performing family puppetry shows for a long time and the shows are always humorous and engaging, hence keep children not only occupied, but also informed. Most of these shows are actually for all ages, and they teach audiences about child safety, public health and equality among other issues.

Why is it important for couples to include children entertainment in weddings?

Fedelis Kyalo, puppeteer at weddings.
Fedelis Kyalo, puppeteer at weddings.

There are many couples who wonder how they are going to handle and entertain children during the occasion. Children get easily bored, and can ruin a great moment or even drive their parents insane. Because they get distracted easily, entertainment will make them enjoy the day as much as everyone else during the wedding.

What are some of the methods you use to handle children during weddings?

Creating children-friendly activities, which will keep them engaged throughout the function.

What should couples look for when they are choosing an entertainer for children?

An experienced person who can handle them and keep them occupied the whole time.

What is the price range for having such a service during a wedding?

That will depend on what the client wants, number of hours, and the kind of shows they want.

What are the challenges of being a puppeteer?

Convincing a client that puppetry is a career, and that they will get value for their money.

What has been your craziest moment while dealing with children?

Usually it’s when you have finished the show and they are still expecting more from you, and when they have to leave, they will come backstage to see where the puppets are.

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