Expedite poll petitions, urges Maraga

Chief Justice David Maraga has asked magistrates and Kadhis to fast track determination of election petitions filed after the August General Election.

He also called on the judicial officers to observe high levels of integrity to maintain public confidence in the Judiciary. Speaking during the opening of the Annual Magistrates and Kadhis colloquium in Nairobi yesterday, the CJ noted that it’s through timely delivery of judicial services while ensuring high standards of integrity that the public will have confidence in the institution.

“The greatest asset in the Judiciary is public confidence in what we do. The moment we lose it, we shall have lost all. We need to make sure we keep it,” he said.

The President of the Supreme Court said the magistrates and Kadhi’s should be responsive to national issues that may affect the elections while handling such matters.

“The Judiciary is doing well in the delivery of its mandate,” he said and commended the Magistrates and Kadhis for working hard to ensure that they deliver. He promised to stand by the officers whenever they are falsely accused of engaging in malpractices.

However, all accusations against judicial officers that are brought to his attention will be investigated and the appropriate action taken, he said.

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