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Momanyi: My agenda for Makadara constituency

Born and raised in Makadara constituency till his teenage-hood, Robert Omwenga Momanyi schooled at Moi Educational Centre, Nairobi for his primary education then joined Utumishi Academy in Nakuru for his secondary education.

Momanyi, whose flashy lifestyle has always left Nairobians mouths wide open, early last year decided to venture into politics and he is vying for the Makadara parliamentary seat after he was given a direct nomination on ELP, an affiliate of Jubilee. He will be battling it out with incumbent MP Benson Mutura and ODM’s George Aladwa former Nairobi mayor come August 8.

He says the desire for change made him venture into politics.

Momanyi, who is a close friend to Mike Sonko, is confident that he’s going to make history by winning the Makadara seat which has been ruled by veteran politicians, the likes of former boxer Rueben Ndolo, Dick Wathika and Mike Sonko.

“My agenda is diverse. I’m planning on doing a lot for my people among them; Empowering  youth and women, equip health facilities with equipment, equal distribution of CDF funds, refurbish the many old schools in Makadara constituency, provide learning materials, food and a good conducive learning environment, free milk every Fridays, improve insecurity bearing in mind that Eastlands estates have been branded the “city gangs and guns”.

As many say, for one to succeed in politics, you must have at least a someone in your lineage who has been in the political field for quite a while, Momanyi is the first one in his family to venture into politics and he says he is going to disapprove this notion. Momanyi is ready to battle it out with Aladwa and Mutura and he says:

“I’m going to do whatever they didn’t do. These past politicians promised us a lot including good infrastructure but they never fulfilled. Aladwa was also a mayor for quite a while but didn’t help the people of Makadara. Apart from Mike Sonko, the rest didn’t do much. Mutura has never legislated anything in favour of Makadara constituency.”

Known for dishing out money, the Makadara seat hopeful has already initiated various projects.

“I have started self-help groups for women and youth across the constituency. I always ask my constituents what they want to be done for. I basically look at their top priorities,”  he says.

Momanyi also says that he is going to create job opportunities for the youth by giving them capital to start small scale business, employ start business like car wash, boda boda business for them.

He is also a great supporter of the Matatu industry and he says Kenyans should appreciate it.

“Matatu culture is unique to us Kenyans and the whole world and should be encouraged. It has created many job opportunities and I support them. I’m ready to work with them,” he says.

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