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10 things guys face when they have a girl BFF

Opposites attract, so why is it impossible to imagine a chick and and  guy being besties, all the  romantic stuff aside? Writes Kyoumukama Faith

1. Everyone thinks you are together

Did you watch Boy Meets Girl? Neither did we. That aside, not every guy you meet or are friends with is something more. Not many get this, especially parents. They always assume that one day, you’ll end up together.

2. Girls at the club think you’re taken

This has to be the biggest dilemma. You wonna hang out with your bestie as she plays wing woman and drink and dance away, but all the girls you’re vibing think you’re off the market.

3. People think it’s a complicated relationship

Nobody believes that a guy and a chick can just be friends. In fact, many will always argue it’s something else. Either you’re lying, in denial or just in a complicated situationship.

4. All potential girlfriends are scrutinised

And when you finally get yourself a girlfriend, your best friend is going to scrutinise her before deciding whether she is good for you. This screening process rarely has a positive result. She’ll either be found snobbish, rude, or shady.

5. Your girlfriend will hate her

When you finally get in a relationship, the two most important women in your life will clash. Your girlfriend and best friend will rarely get along. A lot of the time, your girlfriend will suspect your bestie likes you romantically or she’ll claim you’re neglecting her.

6. Your boys hit on her

When you finally manage to make it clear that you’re actually not in a relationship, your boys start pestering you for a through pass. And because it will be weird for her to date one of your boys, you resist and they hate you for it.

7. She gets you in trouble

In such a friendship, you’re the bigger man, literally. Anytime she gets into a fight, you have to be involved and protect her. If she goes through a situation, you have to be there for her emotionally, take her for a night out.

8. Too much information

Being close friends with a woman makes you privy to too much information than you were better unaware of. Unfortunately, there is no way to unhear things, that ship has sailed and sunk.

9. Your hygiene game is up top

You might be living those cold days without showering, but of course your friend won’t let you stink away. You also need to dress up and clean your room from time to time because she will barge in unannounced.

10. You must try to be sensitive

Let’s be honest, men are not known for sensitivity.  They’re blunt. However, you may wonna put a pause and think twice about what you were gonna say.

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