New curriculum roll-out kicks off in Mombasa

The government yesterday launched the pilot scheme of the new education curriculum in earnest with education stakeholders in Mombasa saying the new system is “a probable game-changer in the country’s academia.”

Mombasa County Director of Education James Kariuki said the exercise will take place in 10 schools in the county which include four primary schools, four Early Childhood and Development Centres (ECDCs) or pre-primary schools and two special needs schools.

“A number of teachers are in the final stages of training on the new curriculum which has been going on at Coast Girls Secondary School,” said Kariuki in a telephone interview yesterday. When the People Daily visited the school at Buxton, the exercise was already underway and the Pre-Primary (PP) One pupils seemed well into the system.

“We are lucky to be among the schools that were selected for the piloting because it means now we will be ahead of others …already we have started the piloting, we are laying the foundation and in our two ECDC classes, PP One and PP Two,” said Central Girls head teacher Awena Ahmed Muhsin. He hailed the new curriculum as one that focuses on values and is therefore, likely to nurture the young learners into more responsible citizens in future. “What I love about this curriculum is that it insists on values.

The system of assessing the pupils through various ways including observation right from grade one when they are four-years-old is perfectly right because it gives teachers room to understand how the children are progressing and the direction they are taking in life,” said Kariuki adding that the curriculum allows teachers to observe the individual performances of the pupils.

The above, he said will help identify strengths and weakness of the learners at an early stage. Caroline Achieng , a Pre-Primary One teacher at Central Girls who, is among the teachers who have undergone training on the curriculum said: “The curriculum opens the mind not only for the pupils but also for the teacher.”

“We were trained to ensure that we help the pupils understand why school is important. We pose some of these questions that make pupils think and find answers for themselves,” she said adding the curriculum engages the child more than the teacher. Under the Pre-primary school category, the exercise is also going on at Kwa Jomvu Primary (Rural Public) in Changamwe, Mwangala (Rural public) Likoni, Utange Baptist (Rural Private) Kisauni and Alfarsy (Urban Private) Mvita.

Under the Lower Primary school category, the piloting is planned in Mwangala Primary in Likoni, (Rural public), Zimlat Primary in Kisauni (rural private), Mikindani Primary in Changamwe (Urban public) and Royal Academy in Mvita (Urban Private). Under the special needs education category, the exercise is scheduled to run in Likoni School of the Visually Impaired and the Tom Mboya Unit for Cerebral Palsy.

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