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Shahbal pledges to end land woes

Jubilee Mombasa governor candidate Suleiman Shahbal and his running-mate Ananiah Mwaboza have promised to settle land issues in the region if elected.

The two leaders said land woes had for years been used by politicians as ground to seek mileage and popularity with no practical solutions. They promised to use Sh5 billion in the next five years to settle squatters in Mombasa should they succeed in unseating incumbent Governor Hassan Joho in the August 8, elections.

“So far it is only the current government under Jubilee administration which has shown hopes in offering solutions to land issues in the region. At least we have seen the title deeds for once.

All other successive governments have come and gone without solutions. It is now time for us as coastal people to tackle the problem head on and solve it once and for all now that the government has shown us the way,” said Shahbal, adding that they will have the backing of the national government.

Mwaboza said they would push for the legislation of a Mombasa County Squatter Land Trust Act in the Assembly to allow formation of a board which will give the local government powers to allocate funds to purchase land and settle squatters.

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