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Farmers urged to embrace mechanisation to boost crop yields

The need to boost crop yields to feed Kenyans is becoming a priority and some of the ways of achieving this goal are to mechanise farming, irrigation, use quality seeds and appropriate fertilisers. Such support for farmers with small and large acreages will help in improving and increasing food production.

One way to mechanise farms is to acquire tractors that can plant rows of crops such as maize, beans, soya beans, sunflowers, cotton, sorghum and peanuts.

Lucy Mukuru, the FMD East Africa sales manager says tractors such as a Massey Ferguson 9108 planter opens a trench, singulates and drops seeds at an intended spacing and depth and closes the trench.

FMD East Africa, a leading farm machinery distributor, offers a one-stop shop for Massy Ferguson tractors, planters and harvesters. She spoke during delivery of a Massey Ferguson 9108 planter to Chemusian Farm in Nakuru.

“The planter has 28 different seed plates to plant six, or eight rows of crops which provide an outstanding seed placement in conditions that range from conventional through to no-till seeding. It is also engineered to handle a wide variety of optional tillage and fertiliser attachments,” she said.

Mukuru said the machine is built to help farmers achieve and maintain high level of accuracy and precise seed placement. Its design allows seed to move efficiently and uninterrupted from hopper to placement.

Realising that new farmers lack experience with planters, tractors and implements, FMD has in place training as part of the package for the new owner. This aims to show buyers how to maximise the use of their machinery to produce the best results.

To help the owners of Massey Ferguson tractors, implements and planters, we hold Xtra Care Clinics throughout Kenya. These sessions feature free inspections and advice on maintenance of these farming equipment and to show farmers how to boost their food production by using mechanisation,” said Mukuru.

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