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‘Prophet’ fails to resurrect after being buried alive

A self-professed prophet in Zimbabwe died after members of his congregation heeded his request to bury him alive. Prophet Shamiso Kanyama died in the village of Mazonde, Zimbabwe, after he requested to be buried so as to summon more power from heavens and come back stronger to fight evil. It all began when a family requested the priest to help them cleanse their home of evil spirits they blamed for mysterious deaths in the family.

Responding to the request, Kanyama ordered followers to dig a grave and bury him alive. He even helped to dig his own grave before praying and jumping inside and ordering followers to cover him with soil. Fearing for the life of the prophet as the men were in the process of filling the grave, some members of the congregation requested the men to stop but their pleas fell on deaf ears when Kanyama urged them on.

“I warned the men about the danger of their actions, but my advice fell on deaf ears because Kanyama shouted, telling me that I am disturbing his angels,” a witness said. However, the plan backfired when instead of being resurrected as he had supposed, the men dug up the grave again after a day as he had instructed, only to find him dead!

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