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Religious leader slaughters man to prove he can bring him back to life

In September 2014, a religious leader was arrested for killing a follower to prove his claim that he could bring him back to life. Muhammad Sabir, a resident of Mubarakabad in Bahawalnagar, had gained popularity over years for his ability to perform “miracles.”

When he claimed he could bring the dead back to life, 40-year-old Muhammad Niaz, happily volunteered for the miracle. Niaz was placed on a table in a square, and his hands and legs tied. Sabir then sliced his throat as people looked on.

By the time police reached him, Niaz had died. Witnesses said Sabir recited a stirring monologue to the heavens hoping to bring him back to life, but when he realised his “miracle” had not worked, he tried to flee before being arrested and charged with murder.

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