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500 bob’s too much for Egerton comrades!

Five hundred shillings for a campus student is a lot of money. It’s the kind of money than can keep a comrade afloat for quite sometime. That is the kind of money a ninja can use to confuse several classroom girls. I mean, in days like these when coins are hard to come by, a sim-sim and a surprise pack of pasta can guarantee you unconditional love in the girls’ hostel.

So now that we have all agreed that 500 bob is like the NYS loot in campo during such hard times, let us now divulge into the conflict. Egerton university peeps, why on earth did y’all decide to destroy hopes, dreams and aspirations of comrades by exorbitantly charging for a “Mister and Miss Egerton University”? To raise heads in merriment, organisers distributed fliers and posters all over the place, with pictures of celebrities y’all claimed would attend. In your diabolical wickedness, in order to confuse the destiny of all ladies in campus, the posters featured a photo-shopped and highly edited photo of Nick (not Nick Odhiambo) but Nick Mutuma.

Whose idea was that? It totally worked! Whispers around the campus corridors were “Nick is coming! Nick is coming!” while followed by an annoying string of “OMGGFFM” (Oh My God Ngai Fafa Mwathani!). While some ladies were looking forward to just seeing Nick, classroom divas, wannabes and aspiring campus socialites were in a silent sultry competition, over who would get lucky and get more private time with the celeb at the ARC hotel!

Nick drew the ladies to the event but who would bring the men? Ladies! While these mamas were jumping up and down in anticipation as if it was the second coming of Christ, guys were down in thoughts trying to calculate how many meals they would skip to save enough to pay for his entrance fee, and that of the lady that has been bugging him like a god-forsaken parasite all week. Initially, word was, comrades would pay Sh300 entrance fee. So to get any luck at the girls’ hostel, demands had upscaled and strategy had changed. This was not the time when sim-sim, Indomie at the kitchenette, breakfast at ARC or a walk to the Egerton’s crown jewel, the botanic garden, would buy you some good time. Girls wanted to see Nick and guys had to pay for it.

But on Friday, with the guys ready with hard-earned Sh600 (for him and his prospect of course), the organisers changed plans saying that comrades would have to part with Sh500 each! Half-a-thousand-shillings to take their girls to see Nick Mutuma and fellow comrades attempting to walk like models!

Apparently, even after hiking the price, the event didn’t even take place! Karma is not a name of a Chinese goat. Next time, don’t annoy comrades by mocking their poverty!

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