NHIF to cover for emergency services

National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) members will now benefit from evacuation services after the firm signed a contract to allow for its use.

An internal memo from the Chief Executive Officer and sent to all staff indicated that NHIF has signed a contract with Eplus Limited to provide emergency road ambulance services to all members and their declared dependents effective from May, 1.

Some of the benefits of this service include emergency care on site and provision of high quality pre-hospital care on transit as well as transportation of a sick member or dependent for treatment to the nearest NHIF accredited health facility.

“The beneficiaries of the contract include all the NHIF principal members and declared dependents under the national scheme,” read the memo. The service is to be accessed by contacting Eplus Emergency Operation centre available round the clock through emergency numbers 11999 or 0700 395395.

The caller is expected to state the principal member’s full names, NHIF number, location, nature of the emergency, telephone number and or where to be transferred and the nearest available ambulance will be dispatched to the location or site immediately after verifying membership validity.

These are part of thee benefits that the NHIF has recently introduced to its members. Last year, a new package to cover patients with chronic diseases was announced. Patients in need of chemotherapy were to get a cover of Sh25,000 per session, radiology Sh18,000, CT scan Sh8,000, MRI Sh15,000 and monthly clinic check-up of Sh5,000.

The Fund also reviewed the rates for outpatient, inpatient and maternity services. The new terms saw outpatients get an increase of between 75 per cent and 233 per cent for various levels of health-care services.

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