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Creative, reckless or dumb ways to raise funds for worthy cause?

Fund raising for myriad causes is a universal thing except that in most cases, they take familiar format. Apparently, some dare devils take extreme measures in the name of charity

Braving bites from 300 spiders

Australian Nick Le Souef not only locked himself behind a glass store window in order to raise money for children’s charity, he also shared the space with 300 poisonous spiders!

The goal of the stunt was to succeed in raising equivalent of Sh5 million for the children. The spiders included redbacks, black house spiders, tarantulas, and more, all venomous. Donors paid to watch the agonising show and all the amounts collected were donated to charity.

Lap dance for children’s toys!

The Admiral Theater in Chicago takes a unique approach to charitable giving in the month of December, offering a free lap dance to anyone who brings in a new, wrapped toy to be donated to local charities.

To qualify, one must receive a new and unwrapped toy. No matter how many toys are brought though, each individual only gets one lap dance. The charity does not accept monetary donations. Certain restrictions still qualify. Dancers are required to wear ‘child friendly’ clothing.

Chance to squeeze boobs

One of the strangest charity events involved Paradise TV, a Japanese channel who hosted the August 2012 Save the World Event. Through this live streamed event, they raised money to help stop AIDS.

The charity promotes AIDS awareness as well as prevention methods and treatment research. However, they took an unorthodox approach. Japanese actresses were lined in front of a crowd.

Those who donated to charity, were allowed to squeeze the bosoms of one of the ladies. A single feel was one donation. Second dipping required an additional donation. Despite scandals, it was still wildly successful and filled with spots for the entire 24 hours!

Man set self on fire

British stuntman Rocky Taylor was badly injured and almost lost his life while filming a stunt of him on fire in the Hollywood movie, Death Wish 3. Nevertheless, he decided to repeat the stunt to raise money for charity.

Setting himself on fire, he then leaped from a burning platform into a pool below. People who watched could donate in person or online. It was wildly popular and he received wild applause when he emerged safe.

Activist spent month in lion’s cage to raise cash

Owner of a Florida wildlife rescue centre in US lived in a cage with two lions, a fundraising stunt that riled other animal rescue groups and underscored how difficult it is to keep such sanctuaries afloat.

James Jablon spent the full month hounded up in the lion’s cage at the Wildlife Rehab Center of Hernando, Florida. He ate, slept and hanged out with the cats.

He received a few bites and scratches from the lions but emerged in fairly good condition while making his charity an equivalent of Sh16 million from thausands who flocked the sanctuary to see the bizarre stunt.

Sex worker devised unique activity to raise Sh4m

A Chilean sex worker has auctioned 27 hours of her services for an equivalent of Sh4 million to raise money for a national charity. Maria Carolina auctioned her services as part of Chile’s national fund-raising campaign.

“There are people who are going to be donating money that’s a lot more questionable than mine. The only thing I did was publicise it,” she said. The money was raised during the two-day “Teleton” for a charity which helps poor and disabled children. Organsers of the event criticised her fundraising activities, but still accepted the money.

Eyebrows earned charity Sh1.6m

A man named Si Burgher had some of the longest eyebrows in Indiana. They were so long that he had to brush them every day so that they did not obscure his vision or look like a wild hairdo.

They measured more than three inches in length. He helped a charity raise Sh1.6 million for a polio eradication campaign, all by shaving off his eyebrows. Tickets for trimming Burgher’s eyebrows were sold at an equivalent of Sh10,000.

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