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Nurses in lower pay bracket to reap big in CBA

Nurses in the lower job groups will be the biggest beneficiaries, if the contested Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is signed and implemented.

While salaries for nurses in the highest job group U will remain unchanged—at between Sh655,877 and 874,500 inclusive of 40 per cent remunerative allowances—those in job groups A to L and seconded from the National government will have their pay increased to match the current salaries of nurses seconded from the defunct local governments.

The lowest paid nurse (in job group A) will earn between Sh17,610 and Sh32,010 compared to the current Sh8,910 and Sh9,420 respectively. Those in job group L will earn between Sh50,640 and Sh69,790.

Nurses seconded from the defunct local governments in job group M and currently earning between Sh53,685 and Sh75,580 will still receive the same amount as the maximum pay for the group while the minimum will be harmonised to Sh54,067.

In job groups N to T, the salaries have been increased for both nurses seconded from the National government and those seconded from the defunct local governments.

The lowest earning nurse in group N will earn Sh62,647 while highest earning nurse in group T will earn Sh302,980. The same have been earning Sh48,190 and S302,980 respectively.

The proposed harmonised salaries shows that the improved terms shall only apply to the devolved staff. Also, extraneous allowance will only be received by National government nurses in job groups G to T.

Nurses in urban areas and in job groups G, H and J will receive Sh20,000 in the proposed harmonised allowance while groups K, L and M will receive Sh25,000 and groups N and P Sh30,000.

Job groups Q and R will get Sh35,000 and job groups S and T to earn Sh40,000. However, nurses in rural areas from the same job groups are to receive Sh5,000 more than their counterparts in urban areas under the proposed allowance.

Nurses from the National government currently earn monthly housing allowances of between Sh6,750 and Sh80,000 while those from the defunct local authorities get between Sh17,000 and Sh68,000. However, the proposed CBA seeks to harmonise the same to between Sh17,000 and Sh80,000.

While nurses from defunct local authorities are not entitled to uniform allowance, counterparts from the National government a flat rate of Sh10,000 per year. The new CBA seeks to harmonise it to Sh50,000 per year for all job groups except U.

The CBA also seeks to harmonise nurses commuter allowance to between Sh15,000 and Sh25,000. Currently, those seconded from the National Government get between Sh4,000 and Sh20,000 as commuter allowances while their colleagues from the defunct local authorities get a flat rate of Sh3,000 every month.

The CBA was aimed at harmonising nurses’ earnings, providing better healthcare equipment in hospitals and hiring more nurses, among other objectives.

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