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Of mixed feelings and a lot of hugs, kisses

You know the trouble with us humans is our pure lack of satisfaction. We want one thing and when we get it, it makes something else look bad so we want the other. See, when we wanted another child, we were thrilled, for lack of a better word.

I had been off the pill for a while and believed I was squeaky clean. Then it didn’t happen. We tried for months and I must have really been anxious because my cycle was thrown off balance, delaying for days; that or it decided to mock me.

The journey Months went by and I wondered if I might have had my uterus removed when I had Raine. I found myself for the first time in a while, waiting at a gynaecologist’s office. I got something to get me back on track, then bam!

Big Fat Positive (BFP)! And I realised there is no turning back. You must think I lost my mind. It’s a phase. What I am going through is what many second or third time mums do.

We understand very well what we are getting into and how much kanungo we will dance in the labour ward, we just never learn! So, six weeks in and I am feeling the morning sickness come my way.

I want to run and hide… I am not happy seeing other pregnant women looking all large and full because they are a clear indication of where I am headed.

The dog too…Aarrgh My children seem to notice I am low most of the time, so my supply of hugs and kisses has gone high. My dog tries to nose-poke me too and half the time I just want to kick him off…and the silly dog doesn’t give up till I give him a rub… and a hug…and a cuddle.

I can’t wait to get through the 12 weeks of horror and start the waistline problems. I need to figure out a way to stop my children stepping all over my belly as if they want it out!

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