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Here’s to love and happily ever after

Bride- Jean Muchera

Groom- Collins Muchera

Planner –Jean Lukaka

Décor- Mtu Na Bibi yake (Sally and Cliff Owiti)

Make-up-Eunice Omitto

Cake- Danny delights

Photographer- full capture pictures (Noel Mwazumbo)

Venue- Grace Hill Ngong

When: 20th May 2017

Sandra Wekesa

How did you meet?

Groom: We met through a mutual friend, my roommate in campus (Moi University Eldoret). He told me that there was a pretty woman in Nairobi he wanted to introduce me to. They were residing in Kisumu at that time.

Here’s to love and happily ever after.
Here’s to love and happily ever after.

How did you know you are meant to be?

Groom: From the moment I met her, I knew she was the one. I always wanted to find a simple yet sophisticated woman, and Jean fits the description perfectly.

How long did you date?

Bride: Four years. Collins would come pick me at Donholm and sometimes I’d go over to his place in Satellite.

He’d tell me to stay over till the traffic eased – I think he got tired of the back and forth trips and a year after dating, he asked me to move in.

What was the inspiration behind the wedding theme?

Bride: Ever since I was a little girl, I loved the colour navy blue. Therefore, it wasn’t hard to come up with a theme. We wanted a classy and simple wedding. And since navy blue on its own is a bit dull, we wanted a bright affair, we chose to blend it with yellow.

What was your budget?

Initially, our budget was Sh750,000 then eventually it shot up to Sh1 million. It wasn’t much because our friends came through. We wanted the best on our big day.

Did the day turn out the way you wanted?

Bride: Yes, absolutely. I am a wedding planner so I knew mine would be a walk in the park. I gave myself two months to accomplish everything. Words of encouragement to those jumping the broom? Weddings are easy to plan if you have a great team. This is your big day, own it and make it special.

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