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Meet dough man Alex Mwangi

108. And no. We’re not talking about the matatu route number for Gachie and Karura Kanyungu. It’s the number of folds that went into making the dough that hype man Alex Mwangi, popularly known as Alemba would use to make sausage rolls at After 40 Hotel.

Under the guidance of pastry head Chef David, he made two sets of dough: The first with eggs, flour, salt, sugar and water, the second with flour and margarine.

Alemba then spread the first dough and placed the second onto it, spreading it with a rolling pin. For a guy who loves chapati, Alemba had a hard time rolling and folding the dough.

“You need to fold four times, then roll it again,” Chef David directed. He repeated the process of folding and rolling about 20 times, the chef assisting. “Now, roll it out and notice the difference in the layers of the two doughs.

That is what makes the roll stand out,” he pointed as we all looked at the visible difference in colour. Alemba then broke some eggs and separated the yolks from the whites.

Sausage rolls. Photo/Hele
Sausage rolls. Photo/Hellen Muturi

Next on the to do list was skin the sausages, which were then mixed with the eggs. “Mix the sausage meat with the egg yolk nicely, put it in the piping bag and then roll out the dough we had made into a large circle,” Chef David advised.

The gospel star rolled out the dough carefully ensuring there were no air pockets. He cut the dough into equal squares and carefully pressed the sausage meat from the piping bag onto the dough.

“Now apply the egg white on its edge and fold the dough,” the chef instructed. After applying butter on the oven tray, Chef David dusted it with some flour cuing Alemba to place his four rolls on the tray and in the oven.

Thirty minutes give or take and they were ready. Alemba can barely contain his joy. They are soon served with tea. “They are spongy and taste almost like mine,” laughs Chef David, awarding the gospel star 9/10.


Prepare normal dough by mixing flour, water, two eggs, salt, sugar, butter and water.
Prepare the second dough by mixing almost equal amounts of flour and margarine without water.
Place the second dough on the first dough and roll together while folding four times.
Repeat the folding process as many times as you want while rolling after every fold (200 folds are possible).
Break eggs and separate the white and the yolk.
Skin the sausage and mix the meat with egg yolk.
Roll out the dough and cut into neat squares.
Press the sausage meat gently from a piping bag in a straight line and not too close to the edge of the dough, end to end.
Apply egg white on the edge of the dough and fold.
Apply butter on the tray and place the folded rolls onto it.
Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 20 to 30minutes till brown and risen.
Serve while still hot!

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