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Thika Lands office lauded for fast, efficient services

A section of land selling agencies and real estate developers in Thika have called on the government to streamline land charges by the county and national governments which is leading to double taxation on operators.

Peter Mwaura, a real estate developer, while thanking the government for eliminating the search fee, said that it is not enough since it is only a small fee. “A lot should be done to reduce the cost of land and construction fees,” he said.

Mwaura, a former Thika town deputy mayor, said when subdividing land, they are charged a lot of money by the surveyors and the government which makes it unaffordable to many.

“During construction, we must get approvals from the county governments, the National Construction Authority (NCA) and other government departments such as the National Environmental Management Authority (Nema).

This makes the cost of construction too high,” he said. He lauded the chief registrar at the Thika Lands office, Bernard Leitich for removing the rot at the registry and ensuring that they get their titles in the shortest time possible.

Speaking to the press in Ruiru town, Mwaura said that some people have been waiting for over three years to get their title deeds but now they have been able to get them with the help of the Thika Lands Registrar.

Leitich said they have made changes at the registry aimed at streamlining the operations and doing away with brokers. “We have introduced a one-stop tent outside our office where all services are available in the open.

Our staff are also dressed in uniform so that they can be easily identified by our clients which differentiates them from brokers,” said Leitich. He said with the help of the Thika security team, all the kiosks in the compound of the Lands office where the brokers used to hide in and conduct their illegal businesses were removed. “The public should not to entertain brokers and must not pay for charges without receipts,” he said.

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