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Artistes with promising careers … but pressed the ‘quit’ button, never to be heard from or seen again

These artistes had promising careers, but after exciting Kenyans with their massive hit singles, they pressed the ‘quit’ button, never to be heard from or seen again. The hit singles, which propelled them to fame, still remain some of the most favourite jams amongst Kenyan fans. Spice’s Wambui Virginia and Elly Gitau write


Among the reasons her major hit Toklezea became such a massive jam was because the one-hit-wonder rapper featured in the song one of Kenya’s most iconic rappers, Abass Kubaff.

The song was so popular that the term ‘toklezea’ became a prominent slang word among Kenyan youth. After the song, Chantelle, who is also an actress, completely disappeared from the music scene.


Someone was joking that Pilipili’s resounding silence was because he was used as an “ingredient” to make mutura. Being among the most promising and popular artistes of 2000s, the Morale hit maker just disappeared from the music scenes, not to be tracked again.


He was still in high school, when he released his famous song, Amka Ukatike, more than a decade ago. The artiste from the Kenyan coast had a promising career, but after this song, Czars (born Abdulkarim Mohammed) completely disappeared from the scenes.

Uncle Ckoniah

Seven years ago, Uncle’s mega hit Merimela was the song of the moment across East Africa. Whether in a matatu, a bar or by the roadside, the song (which addressed matters to do with HIV/Aids) was stealing the thunder. Nevertheless, not much was heard from the singer after the song’s massive success.

Is Huddah dating filthy rich South African tycoon?

Rumour has it that smoking hot Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe, is involved in a romantic affair with a wealthy South African businessman.

The tycoon, known as Jabulani Ngcobo, is popular for his flamboyance, show of opulence and impressive business acumen in forex trading, among other numerous ventures in South Africa.

Unconfirmed reports have it that Huddah has for almost a year now been dating the rich entrepreneur, who’s referred to as “Mr Cashflow” by his close buddies.

This week, the socialite flew to SA to play host at Jabulani’s birthday party, which will be held tonight at the Kong Night Club in Johannesburg.

The Club is famous for previously hosting parties for popular music celebrities such as Justin Bieber, D’ Banj. Drake, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Ciara among others. Our efforts to mint a comment from Huddah were futile, as she neither picked up our phone calls nor replied to our text messages.

Shavey and Slice

Dancehall track Gyal still remains one of Kenya’s most played club bangers of all time. Shavey and Slice were the first to release a major dancehall riddim in Kenya. However, the duo vanished into the thin air, at a time when the jam was still a hard-hitting track. We’ve are yet to hear from them since their big release.

Harry Kimani

Where is he? Harry was given the title ‘ladies man’, soon after releasing his R&B hit jam Haiya. Coupled with his distinguished prowess on the acoustic guitar, his mellow voice was superb.

He became a heartthrob, a prominent music name in the Kenyan music industry. Haiya was and is still a hit today, but amidst drug-addiction claims, we keep wondering exactly where Harry Kimani went to, twelve years since the mega release.


He stole the hearts of many music fans with his hit single, Tamu Sana. But what became of him soon after? No one seems to know.


Patonee became one of the country’s best one-hit-wonders, thanks to his mega hit, Talk To You, featuring Amani and Big Pin. This, it seems, was his first and last song ever. Where he disappeared to still remain a mystery.


If you know any of his songs, you will understand that award-winning singer Ousmane was as big as Nazizi, Redsan and Wyre on the music front. He was a reggae artiste to reckon with. Some of his major releases were Rising Sun and Coming Home, which got massive airplay. He , however, disappeared into the music oblivion.


He collaborated with Habib (late rapper E-Sir’s brother) in a song that proved that Swahili rap was still a force in Kenya. But soon after that jam titled Fever, Manga just ran! Once in awhile, Manga appears at showbiz events, but musically speaking, he’s so dead!


Following their sterling performance at the Coca-Cola Popstars music contest in 2004, Kenya’s winning trio, Sema, became big stars in the region’s music industry. Made up of Kevin Waweru, Pam Waithaka and Sanaipei Tande, the group’s split following a successful but short-lived stint in music can be termed as regretful. Their major hit song Leta Wimbo was a chart-topping track across East Africa.


The R&B artiste and a radio presenter was one of Kenya’s most promising singers, until he went down and under. His music career had taken root with vibrancy, but whatever happened to him soon after his hit jam Saa Zingine, no one knows.

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