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Pensions boss asks court to lift sentence

Roy Lumbe @PeopleDailyKe

The director of Pensions Shem Nyakutu, who was recently sentenced to one month imprisonment for contempt of court, now wants the ruling to be set aside saying he had complied with the orders issued earlier.

In an application filed in the High Court in relation to a suit lodged by 52, 000 retired teachers, Nyakutu said that the pension department had complied with the orders since the tutors who retired between 1998 and1999 have already got their dues.

Through State counsel Kiprotich Kirui, Nyakutu told the court that the orders had been issued even before he could present the bank payment records in court adding that it was unfair for him to be subjected to a civil jail sentence.

“The director had complied with the orders of the court before he was sentenced. The sentence against him was unfair and we want the same reviewed,” Said Kirui.

Nyakutu was sentenced by the court after it found him guilty of contempt for disobeying orders issued on December 15, 2016, requiring him to pay the 1998/99 retired teachers group by the end of December 2016.

Justice Janet Mulwa had pointed out that even after being summoned on several occasions, and warrant issued against him, Nyakutu failed to present proof of payments to the retirees who have waited for the money in over 20 years.

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