Kenya most hospitable country for refugees, global study shows

Kenya is one of the most hospitable nations for refugees in the world, a global humanitarian index has revealed. Study commissioned by Armenian’s Aurora Humanitarian Initiative (AHI) show the country is among the most receptive to people fleeing war and persecution.

It found that 87 per cent of Kenyans polled are willing to accept refugees, compared with only 37 per cent respondents globally. Additionally, at 50 per cent, Kenya has the highest proportion of respondents who believe the country has compassionate policies for asylum seekers.

Aurora Humanitarian Index comes amid a growing anti-refugee political rhetoric in Europe, and other parts of the world in the wake of migrant crisis.

“The sense of apathy towards humanitarianism today highlights an urgent need for engagement in every sector,” said AHI co-founder Ruben Vardanyan (pictured). But respondent are more likely to help manage or address the refugee crisis than other respondents overall.

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