Curriculum proposes P1 trainees study special needs

Students joining primary teachers training colleges will be required to study subjects that prepare them to handle children with special needs, once the proposed curriculum is rolled out.

This will be a departure from the current situation where the teachers are taken through a system that solely focuses on how to teach children, who do not suffer from partial or profound hearing and visual impairment, physical and mental challenges.

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) director Dr Julius Jwan said this is a pilot on the proposed curriculum which kicks off in various selected schools across the country.

Sector reforms

Jwan said  unlike before, representatives of learners with special needs were part of the education reforms to ensure their interests are catered for.  “Teachers trained on special needs for various categories of learners are part of the pilot phase,” he  said. 

“At the moment, teachers from the colleges are just trained on how to teach regular learners. After the P1 training, they can decide to go for a diploma in Special Needs Education,”  said KICD special needs education senior assistant director Beth Kahuthia.

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