Flawless face, but cracked feet? Hmm…

We all like to be pampered every now and again, so when someone mentioned pampered and invite in the same sentence, I was game. It would be rude to ignore, don’t you think so? It was definitely a woman’s thing, but I’d spot some few ‘metrosexuals’ around. Hmm, now they’re also ambushing women’s gigs.

So yes, the first thing I noticed was the fact that everyone was glammed up, more of baked up. You’re right, everybody including these metrosexuals. But it’s the women I’m more concerned with.  There was free make-up (do women love freebies or what?) and I decided to join in—hmm this peer pressure. So, here’s the catch, the women doing make-up (what do we call them again? Bakers?) Had flawless, smooth skin, I was impressed. One of them even went ahead to point out just how much of a mess my face was. Well, it might be true. But at least I take care of my feet, how about that? No seriously, most of them had unkempt feet.

See, no matter how flawless your face is or how good you look, the roughness and dryness of your hand and feet cancels out everything. Forget about her, look around and you’ll spot many flawless faces, now look down, the feet? Nothing to smile about. Your cracked feet can steal away your elegance and overall look. Please, don’t get me wrong. But it doesn’t make sense when you are keen on the face yet your feet are marked with dark spots and dry skin—almost like you don’t ‘moisturise ’ or whatever term they use for skin care. Honestly, the impression I had about her changed, I saw her cracked heels and she was not glam anymore.

What am I saying? If you’re so fixed about skin care, the do it everywhere. Unless you fancy these girls who bleach their face and forget the neck and legs, do it evenly. It speaks class and elegance when you keep the glow and fairness of your feet and hands in sync with your face. And it looks really awkward when your skin gets darker on your hand and feet in comparison to your face… how about not doing it anyway if you’re going to neglect other parts?

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