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Sports Academy’s strategic plan approved

The Kenya Academy of Sports (KAS) strategic plan for 2016-2022 has been approved by stakeholders following thorough deliberations.

However, the strategic plan is subject to few amendments that need approval in line with the Kenyan constitution. Stakeholders drawn from various sports federations converged at a Nairobi hotel on Thursday where they gave their views to enrich the draft that had been written by the management and council of KAS.

Stakeholders welcomed the publication of the five-year strategic plan which aims at defining KAS as a key national institution which endeavours to offer leadership in sports talent development.

The strategies outlined in the document helps to ensure an effective way of sports development. Sports Cabinet Secretary Dr Hassan Wario lauded the governing council, saying: “The Kenya Vision 2030 recognises sports to be critical in national development through social economic, political and cultural transformation.

The universal popularity of sports is the key to its effectiveness as a tool for helping national development.” Several stakeholders including Unicef, who sponsored the strategic plan development, that was steered by the chief education officer Daniel Baheta and Assenath Cheboi were key in its implementation.

KAS chief executive officer Douglas Ratemo said the development of the strategic plan is as a result of invaluable effort and contribution of various persons and institutions including former athletes Tergat, Tecla Lorupe who is a board member, and Prof Moni Wekesa.

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