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Survival guide for the newly unemployed

Being unemployed is one of the most challenging experiences an individual faces in their lifetime. It is a confusing phase; one that can lead to depression if not properly handled.

The ordeal of joblessness is further compounded by the hardships in seeking employment amid the ever increasing web of minimum qualifications that even entry-level positions require.

Locally, even entry-level jobs and internships are difficult to obtain. Having a job gives you social status – the salary is a good measuring tool to determine where you fall in the social hierarchy.

As a freshly baked graduate, you are desperate for a decent job and may not care much about figures in the pay slip. The money will come with experience.

Nonetheless, we all want a pay cheque because money gives us access to goods, services and relationships. PD Wikendi sought ways you can wade through the traffic of joblessness.

Freelance jobs

An estimated 40,000 Kenyans have secured online jobs ranging from transcription services to software development on sites like Amazon’s MTURK and the Kenyan-owned KuHustle platform.

Information and Communication Technology cabinet secretary Joe Mucheru says there are plenty of opportunities in the online freelance market. “Youths should take advantage of these opportunities.

The government had availed strong internet infrastructure which was the single most important component in the initiative,” he said during a recent ICT forum.

Be a translator

In the advent of globalisation, there is more need than ever to have documents translated from one language to another. This isn’t just limited to documents but audio, video, and even images. If you are bilingual (the more languages you speak, the better) there is a wealth of work available for you online.

Writing academic papers

There is no shortage of people who want help writing a research paper. You do not necessary need to do all the work but you can help in information gathering and earn a relatively good pay for your sweat.

Writing academic research papers is especially good for an unemployed graduate who have. Identify one local company that offers the service, showcase your skills and earn some pennies.

Remedial teaching

As a graduate, you may be able to teach, be it primary or high school pupils or students. There are so many parents in Nairobi and other parts of the country that would want additional tutelage of their children and are willing to spend a portion of their income on someone with these skills.

Work at a construction site

Yes, I know you are a graduate but so what? Would you rather grouch at your brokenness or do some ‘dirty” work and earn a dignified income. Some construction workers earn up to Sh700 a day, translating to nearly Sh20,000 a month.

Washing clothes

Desperate situations call for desperate measures, a basin, water and soap could be what you need to afford the next meal especially if you are not a graduate.

Better yet, you can start your own company employ people to do the laundry and earn a share of the proceeds. Other jobs include mechanic jobs, being a tout and messenger jobs.

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