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Drivers to watch out for

While we rightly believe the majority of people are considerate, levelheaded drivers, the reality is, there are some people who should never be allowed behind the wheel. We can do diddly-squat about them, apart from highlighting their mischief and hope shame forces them to change their errant ways.

1. Overlappers

Most notorious are matatu, but some private motorists are just as blatantly shameless. Every time you overlap, every single person in the queue silently prays that you end up in a ditch, or into the hands of an incorruptible and unforgiving NTSA officer.

2. High beamers

As dangerous as blinding other motorists with your high beams is, more irritating is when other considerate non-high beam drivers are behind the idiot.

This robs you of the chance to reciprocate in kind, lest you end up being the dangerously inconsiderate one. Vehicle headlights are specifically designed to offer all round illumination, your glued on LEDs only serve to blind other road users.

3. Mindless overtakers

Overtaking, where permitted, is completely legal. Some people, however, can’t seem to appreciate the danger they put themselves, their passengers and other road users in, when they overtake in the wrong places.

Furthermore, how to overtake is a formula, don’t get too close, when you do take the move, accelerate and merge back leaving a comfortable space. How hard is that?

4. Litterers

Nobody in their right mind likes looking at trash, not even litterers, and yet, the trend persists like an incurable disease. It’s politely ignored while it pisses everyone off.

If you throw stuff out of your car and someone records you on their dash cam, you should have to stand for a whole week, by the side of the road, holding a placard that says you are a completely inconsiderate and heavily flawed human being. And then your license should be taken away, forever!

5. Overzealous mergers

For the purposes of turning the car, the manufacturers saw fit to install a steering wheel. This device when shuffled in the intended direction makes the wheels turn to the said direction.

That much should be clear to even a monkey. If you’re joining a road, you should turn the steering wheel sufficiently that you merge into your lane. Going all the way to the other lane only serves to cast doubt on your driving abilities, sanity and sobriety.

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