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Fight stigma then legalise, Vaughn tells Government

Akae Beka band leader Vaughn Benjamin is known for his pro marijuana stand and has a piece of advice to the Kenyans pushing for the legalisation of the plant for medical reasons and industrial use; fight the stigma first.

Speaking exclusively to PD Wikendi, the roots reggae singer stated while he is aware of the legal process that the petition has to go through, there is still much to be done for bhang to be acceptable.

“Legalisation of marijuana won’t just help if the stigma about the plant is still with people. The people are the ones who control the government and if they do not understand the importance of the plant, then the work will be in vain,” he stated. The singer is in the country for a concert slated for today at the Simba Saloon, Carnivore grounds.

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