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In omnia paratus

It means, ready for anything. My not so little pooch ate my last two drafts (they must not have been that good). That was Mocha’s way of saving you, right? And me of course, from the embarrassment, I mean. I am her mummy after all.

My scratch-covered arms, punctured skin not forgetting mangled clothes are proof. I should really get a reference guide to this whole thing; German Shepherds for Dummies…that would be nice.

Well that, and bank load of cash (pom-poms out, it’s end month). So, before she get her teeth through this draft, let’s get to it. And what’s better than starting with it kick!

Uncorked brings you four essential food groups in a single glass: Alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fat. How about it? Come to the dark side. Ultimate Appeal brings back the skort trend (a cross between a skirt and a short).

So splurge, we won’t judge. The 90s trend is all the rage at the moment, having made its comeback. Wikendi’s Kyoumukama Faith and Eustace Maina give you a sneak peek into Runtown’s gig last weekend.

The visiting Nigerian artiste known for hits Bend Down Pause gave a thrilling performance, leaving revellers yearning for more.

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