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Nyongesa’s injury exposes poor state of women’s league

Chickens are finally coming home to roost over the shambolic manner in which Football Kenya Federation (FKF) Women’s Premier League (WPL) is being managed.

The sour state came to the fore after Purity Nyongesa, a forward with Zone A club Soccer Sisters, sustained an injury on her left eye two weeks ago while playing against Mombasa Olympic at Jericho’s Camp Toyoyo grounds.

Since then, Nyongesa is yet to get adequate medical attention with further examination revealing that she will require surgery (which will cost Sh35,000) on the eye that has already left her partially blind.

The best she has received are promises with family and well-wishers asking for help as she survives on pain killers. “It was a high boot tackle around the goalkeeper’s area and the player was substituted.

She got help from our team doctor but by the time the match was over, her face was swollen,” said her coach Andrew Juma. It has now emerged that Nyongesa’s pain is as a result of negligence as she only received first aid from the team’s medical personnel due to the lack of the mandatory ambulance and medical team at the match venue.

“We used the money we had for initial treatment and further examination but we cannot afford the Sh35, 000 needed for surgery as a club,” added Juma, highlighting just how financially constrained teams in the league are.

However, FKF vice-president Doris Petra—who heads the women’s league—denied any knowledge of the incident even after Juma claimed it had been reported to the competition’s manager.

“The home team secures the ambulance as well as security and invoices the federation for payments. Lack thereof was a mistake from the clubs and match officials, as well as FKF officials who allowed the matches to kick off without the same,” said Petra. But as the balame game continues, Nyongesa’s situation is worsening, begging the question: Who will come to her aid?

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