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Meet Aisha Wanjiku, Commercial model and entertainment TV host 

Best thing about being a mother?

You get to learn a lot about yourself that you didn’t know, you discover you have ‘supernatural’ strengths, how to be patient and love without fear.

Best moments you remember when your child was born?

The joy my baby, Lamar brought to our family, I became way closer with my mother. My brother would always want to hold my baby and my sister would stare at him sleep entire day gushing at how small he was and all his firsts.

Memorable moments with your son?

First shot, clinic visits, first time he crawled, walked, talked, peed on me, puked on me and his smile that still gets me.

Best place you love to spend with your child?

Parks. Lamar loves animals so much that he even watches National Geographic.

Biggest misconception people have about you as a mother?

That I have motherhood issues all figured out. But motherhood is a full-time job with no manual or payment. So, it’s more of trial and error, with God’s guidance and a strong support system.

Lowest moment?

For the first few months after I gave birth, I had no clue what to do as a new mother. I used to cry every time he’d cry before I understood his different emotions.

Your child’s biggest addiction?

Robots and animals.

Best advice you would give someone who is in the entertainment scene and is soon becoming a mother?

Embrace it, have fun with it, make decision according to your self-beliefs and values, not societal norms. Don’t be scared of what the public will say. Motherhood is beautiful.

One risk you don’t regret taking?

Moving from Mombasa to Nairobi with Lamar when he was one year with nothing, but a bed and dreams. But look how God’s grace has been sufficient. I’m glad I took the risk.

One thing you have learnt from your son?

My son has taught me a lot about forgiveness and being free spirited. We fight and the next minute he’d want me to cuddle him.

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