Tutors set for training on new curriculum

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) will from today train some 1,888 teachers from the 47 counties who will teach the new education system developed to replace the 8-4-4.

The teachers will be expected to start teaching the curriculum in the selected schools picked for the pilot classes from May 29.  “We have ensured that no player in the education sector is left behind. For the first time, even those with special needs are working on the curriculum on their own to ensure it meets their needs,” KICD director, Dr Julius Jwan said.

The proposed 2-6-6-3 curriculum is based on a needs assessment conducted by the institute that was presented at the National Conference on Curriculum Reforms that culminated into a major conference in January to deliberate on the matter.

The implementation process of the proposed curriculum is staggered, with the focus now being on the early years, these being two years of pre-school education, and the first two years of primary education.

The current system has been criticised for being too examination oriented with a lot of content that has turned out to be a burden to learners.

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