Kilifi county gearing up for new education curriculum

Ten primaryschools among 490 institutions countrywide to pilot the programme

Walker Mwandoto @PeopleDailyKe

The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development [KICD], in partnership with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has identified 10 primary schools in Kilifi county to be among the 490 schools countrywide to pilot the proposed Basic Education Curriculum.

The 490 institutions are mainly pre-primary and lower-primary schools drawn from both public and private sectors in all the 47 counties.  Upper-primary and secondary schools in the pilot project have been left out of the exercise scheduled to commence on May 29.

According to Kilifi county Quality Assurance Officer Anne Kimanthi, the multi-sectorial players in the curriculum review process had been lined up for massive training exercise ahead of the launch of the pilot programme that will see Kenya replace the 8-4-4 system of education with a 2-6-6-3 one.

“Head teachers of selected schools in the pilot scheme have already been sensitised on instructional leadership to enable them to understand how to supervise the new system during trials,” she said.

Selected school heads have also been inducted on the competence-based curriculum, which puts less emphasis on passing of examinations. Findings from the pilot exercise, Kimanthi said, will assist in weaving out the final framework and exact content of new curriculum to be rolled out later.

The TSC, KICD, Kenya Education Management Institute, Kenya Institute of Special Education are among the educational institutions which have been conducting induction workshops in Naivasha for the curriculum supervisors who will then pass over their knowledge to curriculum implementers.

Kimanthi said also planned to undergo similar training are the quality assurance officers, curriculum support officers, teachers, school management boards members, parents and learners directly involved in the implementation of the curriculum. “Parents and members of schools’ boards of management are among the stakeholders who will be expected to provide extensive and honest feedbacks as part of the monitoring and evaluation process,” she said.

According to a memo from the Director of the KICD Julius Jwan, all stakeholders will complete a written evaluation form and participate in discussions on the implementation experience. The piloting project will be carried out at pre-primary and lower-primary levels referred to as “Early Years” before the national rollout of the programme, he says.

The selected schools in Kilifi county for pre-primary pilot project are:  Chanagande Primary School (a rural area public school); Rising Star Academy (rural but private]; Gede Primary (urban, public]; Lights Academy (urban private] and Asahajandand Special School.

Others for the lower primary project are:  Kata Primary (rural, public);  Giriama Academy (rural,  private):  St Thomas Primary (urban, public), Mtwapa Elite (urban, private) and Kibarani School for The Deaf (a special school).

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