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Avril goes kuku

At the After 40 Hotel on Biashara Street, songstress Avril Nyambura makes her way to the kitchen. She says she loves cooking and is a pretty good cook. We can’t wait to put her to the test.

“I fancy Swahili dishes especially,” she states. The head chef of the day picks out the recipe for chicken Kiev, Chinese rice and vegetables for the Nikimuona singer to prepare. She started by boiling the rice, and later made the stuffing that was to be used in the chicken breasts.

After stuffing and coating the chicken, Avril then deep-fried the pieces for three minutes before putting them away to bake. After this, she chopped the yellow, red and green capsicums that would be used for the vegetable side serving.

Avril goes kuku.
Avril goes kuku.

“Dice some of them into smaller pieces. They will be used for the Chinese rice,” the chef guided her. After being shown how to handle a professional kitchen knife, Avril chopped the vegetables then fried them for the rice. She added the white rice and some light and dark soy sauce.

“Set that aside and now, let’s prepare the vegetables,” instructed the chef. Once done cooking the vegetables, Avril took out the chicken that was now well baked, and plated her food.

“The food is really good. It tastes great and looks just like what we’d prepare ourselves. She deserves a 9/10 rating,” the head chef commented after tasting the meal.

Chicken breasts
Light soy sauce
Dark soy sauce (if available)
2 eggs (beaten)
Garlic paste
Seasoning herbs
Pepper (Cayenne, black and white)
Rice (enough according to your serving)
Capsicum (red, yellow and green, if available)

• Boil the rice and set aside.
• Prepare the stuffing by mixing the garlic paste with butter and seasoning herbs.
• After stuffing the chicken breasts, marinate them with turmeric, cayenne, white pepper and salt.
• Roll in flour, then in the beaten eggs and lastly, the breadcrumbs.
• Deep-fry in heated oil for three minutes before baking the chicken breasts.
• Prepare the capsicums by cutting into thin and long pieces for the vegetable serving, and small cubes for the rice.
• Fry the small cubes and add the already cooked rice, then pour light and dark soy sauce. Stir to mix and cook till ready.
• For the vegetable side serving, cook the chopped capsicums in oil till your preference.
• Take out the chicken breasts from the oven, cut into two and plate them alongside the rice and vegetables.
• Serve while hot.

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