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Worship comes full circle at Alliance High

Founders of Alliance High School must be turning in their graves after news broke that senior students at the 91-year-old school do not only bully their juniors with the most savage acts, but are into ancient practices, including ancestor worship.

You see, as the first school to offer secondary school education to Africans, Alliance’s founders were not just interested in imparting knowledge.

Being a collaboration of several protestant churches, the school was also part of the missionary project to persuade Africans to “see the light” and abandon savagery and “dark” practices such as worshipping ancestors.

But, alas, nearly a century after these spirited efforts, ancestor worship is back in fashion, sitting cheek by jowl with algebra while brutality works hand in glove with the Bible.

According to victims of the bullying, they were, among other things, ordered to lie on the graves of the “school ancestors” (founders) and pray to them, saying things like “for what we are about to receive we thank you… Amen”.

If that did not make the founders literally turn in their graves, even Armageddon won’t. Something else must be making the founders of many Christian schools, including Alliance, turn in their graves.

While politicians are flocking to churches to seek divine intervention and votes now that the elections are around the corner, many Christian and Muslim politicians are said to be looking for help elsewhere.

There are reports that witchdoctors and fortune tellers are recording roaring business as politicians who kneel in church on Sunday morning prostrate themselves at witchdoctors’ shrines on Saturday night.

This desperation is not unique to Kenya. In America, witches are the next weapon against Donald Trump. After everyone else failed to stop him, witches have come to the rescue.

The US witches have cast a mass spell on the Twitter-in-Chief which, they believe, will kick him out of the Oval office. Hillary Clinton failed, good luck Harry Potter.

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