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Tomorrow is a day, not popular with most men

Tomorrow marks a special day, and that in two ways. It is the day broke men (and most of us are considering the dreaded January is less than half a month gone) wish they could momentarily get abducted by aliens. Valentine’s Day dates don’t come cheap and unless you are a successful Kenyan politician, it hits the wallet real hard.

It is also the last day to register as a voter. IEBC has ruled out any extension and as is the culture, expect a mad dash to the listing centres. The vote is important because it decides who gets employed to manage your resources and literally, your general wellbeing. We all need to register.

And in the spirit of this, men, especially have been under pressure, with women seemingly holding all the cards to force registration. Female politicians have been quite vocal, calling on their colleagues to hold out on conjugal rights until their spouses get listed. Dear men, it is time to return the favour. Let her know that unless she shows proof of being in Chebukati’s list, then you are tithing the Valentine’s spend.                                         

—Kimathi Mutegi

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