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Services can begin with a voter’s card…

It is every citizen’s right to access services, just as it is every citizen’s duty to pay taxes. It is also every citizen’s right to raise the roof when services are not available or are inadequate.

Some complaints are heard and amends made. Some go in one ear of an overfed public official and exit the other. It is the latter behaviour that is responsible for the many things that are wrong in this country.

Are you tired of complaining about uncollected garbage, raw sewage, potholed roads, sick hospitals, power cuts, insecurity …?

Here is the solution. For the next 30 days, you have an opportunity to register as a voter so that in August, you can recall the non-performers and reward those who have delivered. And, for God’s sake, don’t wait until day 29 as we, Kenyans, are wont to do.                              

—Kipkoech Komugor

(We shall make the problem you are facing visible to the persons responsible. Send a nicely taken picture indicating clearly where the problem is to

[email protected])

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