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Happy festive season, and may we not have regrets in January

It’s another Christmas this weekend and the airwaves are filled with carols, jingles and cleverly camouflaged commercials prodding the last dime out of your wallet. It’s the time to make merry, new and re-new acquaintances. However, it is during the time of merriment that people are most vulnerable. Footballers will tell you, it is after you score that you are most likely to concede yourself. Kings have lost crowns on happy occasions. It is for this reason we urge those concerned with watching over Kenyans during this time our guard is lowest to lengthen their antennae. It is a time for Inspector General Boinnet and his boys —and girls— to call up all the knowledge and skills they learnt. We need the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officers to live up to expectations. It is a time doctors are badly needed off the streets, and back in hospitals. And scribes —yes, journalists need to keep the nation not just entertained, but rightly informed. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus and welcome a new year, may we wish every one of our readers a truly blessed holiday.

—Kimathi Mutegi

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