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Raila could be playing politics with water projects, but he could also be right

And yet again, the controversy over water projects in the country came to the fore on Saturday as ODM leader Raila Odinga continued with his opposition to the construction of Itare Dam.

This is after his spirited campaign against the Nothern Collector Project in Murang’a. While Raila’s assertions reek of political opportunism, mainly because of lack of supporting scientific facts (we are supposed to take his word for it), the government’s feeble and equally fact less defence has left Kenyans even more confused.

Raila may be playing politics and considering the amount of money invested in these projects as well as the ‘thirst’ a growing Nairobi population has to live through, it would be such a horrible game. But he could also be right, which is even worse from the standpoint of preserving a country for future generations. The Opposition has a right to check the government. But it is the government’s task to clear doubts planted by proving viability of its initiatives. And there, it is failing!

—Kimathi Mutegi

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