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House committees, State agencies probing graft need to show results

Last week, the country was treated to theatrics on live television as the NYS scandal suspects were grilled by Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

While the two chief suspects, Josephine Kabura and former Devolution CS Anne Waiguru, employed different tactics (one playing dumb and the other returning as many punches as she got), there was an overwhelming feeling of déjà vu.

It was not lost on Kenyans that actually, the country has been there before — not once but a number of times. From Goldenberg to Anglo-Leasing, parliamentary and other committees have grilled suspects, giving the country hope that finally, the dragon might have met its match.

However, whatever becomes of the reports and recommendations of those teams that take home huge amounts in sitting allowances remains a mystery. As the NYS inquest goes on, Kenyans hope to see concrete results informed by justice and fairness, in which the clean can get cleared while the guilty are jailed —for a very long time.                           

—Kimathi Mutegi

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