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Have security agencies left city passengers on their own?

A story has been trending on social media about a woman who was robbed by rogue matatu crew and their accomplices aboard a 14-seater PSV near Kenyatta National Hospital.

The woman said the driver and two other men posing as passengers barred her from alighting the matatu at KNH and ripped open her handbag, stealing everything in it. The driver even threatened her with a syringe! Two other female passengers were lying unconscious.

On reporting the incident at a nearby police station, she said, one officer dismissed her. This is just one of the many ordeals Kenyans are  experiencing in the hands of rogue matatu crews, a situation that seem to be beyond control of authorities. And to police, how are Kenyans supposed to trust you if their concerns do not bother you?    IG Joseph Boinnet, your boys aren’t doing what’s expected of them!

—Veronica Mwangi
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