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Speak up against irresponsible driving; it is your noble duty…

It is a week since a town-bound Rongai matatu killed four people in an accident attributed to careless driving. Days following the accident were full of protests —both physical and online— with the NTSA taking the usual ‘swift’ action to ground the Sacco to which the vehicle belongs.

The furore worked, because for exactly three days, PSVs in most routes operated quite well, bidding their time for Kenyans’ short memory infamy for the situation to normalise. And they have.

The speeding, overlapping, road-hogging and total disregard of road laws is back in full swing. Accidents cost the nation dearly. However, it is the personal loss by the victims that is hardest to bear.

As we await another disaster to jolt the NTSA out of its comfort zone. Let all of us speak up against dangerous driving. The worst that can happen for protesting is getting kicked out of the vehicle. The worst of not speaking up could be getting kicked out of this world.

—Kimathi Mutegi

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